Understanding your water use

We've put together some tools to help you understand your water use.

Do you know how much water you actually use? Are you waterwise or completely off target compared to similar households? Do you know where in your home you can make the most savings?

By using our simple tools you'll soon have a better understanding of your water use and ways you can save.

Step 1: Compare your water use

Our new Water Watchers tool helps you compare your water use with houses like yours. You can also personalise your profile, see how you water use changes over time and receive tailored water saving tips. To get started all you need is your account number.

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Water Use Calculator

Step 2: Calculate where you can save

Compared your water use and think there’s room for improvement? Our water use calculator will help you understand which areas of your home use the most water, provide handy water saving ideas and create a personalised action plan for your home.

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