Managing your bill in My Water

A My Water account is free to create and helps you manage your bills and water use more quickly and easily.

You can:

  • manage your account online at a time that suits you
  • set up direct debit payments with no fee incurred through My Water
  • direct debit service charges and water use charges separately 
  • view your water use history
  • view service charges for a property (service charges are public information)
  • extend your bill payment date.

By signing up to My Water, you’ll automatically be signed up for paperless billing and receive a PDF copy of your bill straight to your inbox, saving time, trees, and water!

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Getting started

We've created these step-by-step guides to help you get started in My Water. 

Setting up a My Water account only takes a few minutes and is an easy and secure way to manage your water bills and keep an eye on your water use history. Find out how in this video.

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Pay your bill and set up direct debit payments

A quick guide on how to pay your bill through you My Water account, and how to set up direct debit for payments in the future.

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Billing options

We’ve applied a little fresh water thinking to My Water and added these features to help you manage your bills:

You can prepay your service charges for the financial year in your My Water account via the ‘My bills and payments’ tab.

The service charges for your property will be issued on the first bill of the new financial year along with the water use charges (for metered properties). From then on the water use charges will continue to be issued every 2 months, if we charge you individually for water.

If the service charge prepayment is selected for the full financial year, this will carry over to the next financial year for service charges as a default.

Please note that there is no discount for prepaying your service charges annually. We’re offering this as an alternative so that customers can manage their bills in a way that’s convenient to them.

All new registrations for My Water are now automatically signed up for paperless billing. We attach a PDF copy of your bill to the bill notification email for you.

If you have set up a direct debit from your bank account or credit card, you will receive your bill before the amount is debited.

How can I choose paperless billing?

If you are an existing My Water customer still receiving paper copies of your bills and would like to change your billing preference, log into My Water, select the ‘Paperless billing’ option under the ‘My bills and payments’ main menu tab and submit your change.

Property owners can now arrange for service charge bills to come straight to them and water use bills sent directly to tenants. To do this, a tenant bill arrangement must be in place. You can contact us to set this up. 

One you have done this, you can choose to set up direct debit via credit card for your service charges and your tenant can do the same for their water use bills. This change can be made under the ‘My bills and payments’ tab in My Water. 

If you own an investment property and have chosen to have 2-monthly water use bills sent directly to your tenant, you can still be kept in the loop and see the bills that are sent to your tenant or property manager.

How can I make this happen?

Under ‘My bills and payments’ tab in My Water, go to ‘Paperless billing’. Here, you can sign up for paperless billing as well as elect to be notified when a bill is sent to your tenant or property manager by ticking the box. 

If you own or manage multiple properties, you can download bill information including the account address, bill type and total charges for multiple properties into an Excel spreadsheet (.csv format). Alternatively, you can download PDF copies of the bills issued for your properties. 

How can I make this happen?

From the My Water home page, select 'Grid View' (if not already selected) and then open the 'Manage Bills' tab. Then, make sure 'Multi-select' is turned on and follow the prompts.

We understand if sometimes you need a little more time to pay your bill. You can extend your due date by 28 days, no questions asked*.

How can I make this happen?

Just call us on 1300 659 752 and choose option ‘1’, and we'll let you know your new due date, there and then.

CALL 1300 659 752

You can also login to your My Water account, select the 'Extend bill due date' option under the ‘My bills and payments’ tab. 

*Some eligibility criteria exists, such as a limit of one extension per bill.