Water & sewer connections

Not sure whether your property has water and sewer connections, or where they are located? There are a number of ways you can find out.

Am I connected?

To find out if your property has availability to water and sewer services or is connected, you can access the ‘Property information’ in My Water, our online account self-service site. Simply search for the property address.

You can also call us between 8am–5pm on weekdays.

Where are my water and sewer connections located?

To find the location of your water meter, you can access the ‘Property information’ in My Water. Simply search for the property address.

To locate water and sewer connections you will need to obtain sewer diagrams for your property. These are called Dial Before You Dig plans.

Dial Before You Dig plans show the location of water mains, sewer mains and sewer junctions located at your property and can be obtained from Dial Before You Dig.

Dial before you dig

Flimsies are diagrams showing the location of internal property sewers and plumbing fixtures and can be obtained from the Building Commission. 

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