Here you can find information about access to meters, how to apply to have your meter relocated or disconnected and how to request a new meter.

It is important that you ensure that there is adequate access to water meters on your property, to prevent you from having to make modifications down the track. We require access to read, repair and replace your meter.

While most reputable builders should be aware, if you have engaged a builder or contractor to undertake work you will need to ensure the following requirements are met, because any re-instatement or costs associated with gaining access to meters is the responsibility of the landowner.

  • Ensure a clearance of 300mm around the meter and 1200mm above the meter, including from boundary fences, driveways and walls.
  • If the ground level of the property is altered and this impacts access to the meter, please advise Water Corporation. The landowner will be responsible for costs associated with raising/lowering the water meter or box to the appropriate level.
  • If you have a meter box, please regularly remove build-up of soil inside the box and ensure the meter is clear of dangerous insects and spiders to the extent that is practical.

Relocating a meter

Refer to the Builders & developers section for information relating to relocating water meters.

Disconnecting a water supply service

The Water Corporation will not disconnect the water supply to an occupied dwelling [Water Services Act 2012 section 95(3)].

Refer to the Builders & developers section for information relating to disconnecting water meters.


Apply to move or disconnect your meter in BuilderNet. Simply log in as a guest user and select ‘Lodge a water service application’. Please note: if a new water service is to be installed at a later date, the full cost of the service will apply.

Apply now

Requesting a new meter

For vacant land or an existing house

You can apply for a new water meter/service connection in BuilderNet by selecting ‘Lodge a water service application’.

For further information about applying for water meters and the related fees and charges, please refer to the Builders & developers section of our website.

For a new house or building

If you need a meter for a new house or building, you need to submit a building application for our approval first. You can do this in BuilderNet by submitting a ‘Single residence and service connection application’.

For further information about lodging building applications and the related fees and charges, please refer to the Builders & Developers section of our website.

More information

For further information please email or call us on 13 13 95.