Building a new home

Congratulations on embarking on one of life’s most exciting adventures! While you’re choosing what makes your house a home, think about how to make your home waterwise.

There’s lots of decisions to make when you are building a house. It’s an exciting but sometimes challenging time. 

Our top tip is to talk to your architect or builder early about the kinds of waterwise features you are considering. This might be: 

  • using water efficient appliances
  • installing a garden bore 
  • making space for a rainwater tank, or even have it plumbed into your house to flush toilets or wash clothes
  • installing a greywater system.

For more ideas, see our guides for inside or outside the home:


To help make WA a more water efficient community we are working with the Urban Development Institute of Australia (WA Division) to recognise exceptional water sensitive developments in our community. 

Find out which developments are waterwise




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You might be on a different watering roster.
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Your account

When you buy vacant land, your settlement agent will advise us, so there’s no need for you to contact us.

Once your property has access to our water or wastewater mains, you will be required to pay service charges, even if there is no connection yet – or even if you’re still waiting to build. Drainage charges can also apply to properties or land in metro areas. 

Once a meter is installed at the property, you (as the owner) will be responsible for water use charges.

Receiving a water bill while you’re building

It’s important to know that even while your new home is being built, water bills will be issued. These bills include the water that is used onsite during the building process. 

When your build is completed, please contact us so we can update the property details from ‘vacant land’ to ‘residential’ and update your postal address. 

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